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Wilmafernsgirl is the place to find handcrafted items of the fairy nature.


Fairy jars, whimsy jars, wishing jars, other captured fairies, mini-journals, and more.


Items may be special ordered here.  Premade items can be found in our Etsy shop. Additionally, we offer vintage ephemera and occasional other vintage items in the Etsy shop as well.





This is Wilma Fern, my mother.  She was a shy and quiet gal of a tiny size.  Never weighed more than 100 pounds until right before my birth.











   And this is Wilmafernsgirl many long years ago when of a tiny size!


Although much, much older and larger now—the spirit of fairies still abounds!!












Fairy jars are each individually made; picture is of a similar representation only. 


“The Key to Hope” mini-journal is currently available at the Etsy shop.